Challenges For New Practitioners

Starting down any of the Pagan paths takes time, study and dedication. It helps enormously to have a faith community to compare notes with, but can also be pursued on your own. However you choose to walk your path, you will learn and grow immensely through the entire process. Every faith comes with its own challenges, even without adopting a minority faith like Paganism. Especially if not everyone in your inner circle holds similar views.

Why is it a Challenge?
Depending on your upbringing, it is safe to say that you might not have a lot of friends or family who share your beliefs. Many Pagans find their biggest challenge is to dare to be different from what friends and family expect. However, if you embrace your uniqueness and take a hands-on approach, you will quickly discover how walking a Pagan path will alter every aspect of your life.

Turn Negatives Around
Though it can be challenging to deal with people who have opposing opinions, you can turn the negative into a positive. It is possible to turn potential arguments into creative and constructive discussions that delve into Pagan beliefs and witchcraft practices. You never know when you will stumble upon someone who is willing to listen with an open mind and learn. While it will be easy to let your emotions get the best of you, always try to stay even keeled and remember that your beliefs are all your own. Making a Pagan path part of your everyday life is your decision alone.

Be Dedicated to Learning
Another basic principle that all newcomers to a Pagan faith should understand is the dedication to learning. You need to be interested in the stories and lore connected with your path and motivated to constantly learn. Not many people are raised Pagan path, so read as many sources as humanly possible as often as your free time allows. The only way to strengthen your belief is to deepen your understanding through both study and actual practice.