Our Staff are Volunteers

The Ottawa Pagan Schola’s core instructor team (Faculty) consists of volunteers who donate their time to develop and teach these courses.

They can rarely afford to donate materials or classroom rentals, however, and are permitted to pass those expenses along to the students.

General policies:

  • OPS faculty are not paid honoraria for teaching. If a visiting lecturer is receiving an honorarium, this will be clearly marked in the course description.
  • OPS does reserve the right to recoup teacher’s out of pocket expenses for room rental, special class materials and the like. Where this occurs it will be clearly marked.
  • Some courses have a prerequisite other than simple interest in the topic. When they do that prereq is listed.
  • All of our offerings are with permission of the instructor(s), so if you don’t meet the prerequisties but still wish to take the class, speak to its Instructor.

OPS offers its classes in three sessions:

  • Fall – mid-September through mid-December
  • Winter – January through March
  • Spring – April through early June.

Since Pagans festival during the Summer, there is no summer session.